Line is right on the heels of Whatsapp 2,782

Line is right on the heels of Whatsapp
The Korean instant messaging Service Line (developed in Japan) arrived recently at 200 million users worldwide. Just one month earlier, Whatsapp announced that it had exceeded 250 million users, surpassing services like Twitter and approaching the size of giant communication businesses such as Skype. Whatsapp and line are without a doubt the two stars of ...

What no one can take away from Whatsapp 3,565

What no one can take away from Whatsapp
Last week, while waiting for the train at the station, a young couple passed by me and exchanged two phrases that made me think. As they climbed the stairs to the platform, she grabbed her Smartphone from her bag and told her partner: “It’s amazing, I forget to look at my phone for five minutes ...

LiveMinutes becomes an all-in-one 5,989

LiveMinutes becomes an all-in-one
In one of the first articles published in TheSnappLab we discussed LiveMinutes. In it we reviewed an interview with its creator, Alex Dufétel, who explained that when creating an application it is best to focus on developing a good solution to a problem before incorporating too many features that convolute the initial purpose. Now, after ... don’t get spied on 4,567 don’t get spied on
PRISM, the top-secret surveillance program directed by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States government, has caused great public concern and is already arousing the initiative of developers who want to create a safe haven for Internet users. This is the case with the creators of The Pirate Bay and Flattr, who received ...

It’s easier with Messi 4,336

It’s easier with Messi
In the last post we talked about the bitter rivalry between Whatsapp and Line to seize the title of Instant Messaging application with the most users worldwide. While the former has never done advertising of any kind, the latter can attribute at least part of its success to advertising campaigns online and on television. When ...

What’s your collaboration style? English or french garden? 3,296

What's your collaboration style? English or french garden?
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How to build an awesome brand 3,062

How to build an awesome brand

9 types of collaborators 3,467

9 types of collaborators

Autopsy of a social network 5,773

Autopsy of a social network
On Sunday June 23 journalist Karelia Vázquez wrote an interesting article in “El País” entitled “How social networks die”. In it she writes about the main reasons that can lead to a social network collapsing and its subsequent disappearance. It analyzes the study (autopsy, in this case) that the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology conducted on ...

Rounds: the success of communication. 4,236

Rounds: the success of communication.
Rounds is an application that was created in 2008 and since then it’s never ceased to impress. It’s a videoconferencing service that began on Facebook and is now also available for Smartphones and PCs. Its orientation towards the young has been marked since the platform’s inception by its internal applications’ clear focus on leisure. Over ...